Manifesto Promises - Infrastructure

Promise Status
Support local airlines and entrepreneurs to set up strong private airlines Delivered
Reduce the price of aviation fuel Delivered
Offer tax incentives to local real estate developers and suppliers of building materials Delivered
Empower the National Road Safety Commission to enforce and sanction road sector operators who do not comply Delivered
Automate the process for clearing goods and vehicles Delivered
Widen major arterial roads to multi-lane carriageways Delivering
"Water For All" agenda: Sink 25,000 new boreholes and additional 300 small town water supply systems Delivering
Tar roads leading to district and regional hospitals Delivering
Tar roads in District capitals and extend them to major towns Delivering
Tar gravel roads, especially in areas of high agricultural production Delivering
Review location and lay-bys of fuel stations to reduce accidents on highways Delivering
Rehabilitate the Western and Eastern rail lines Delivering
Promote research into local road construction materials to strengthen existing gravel pavements Delivering
Promote and develop the use of local building materials in home construction Delivering
Mainstream ICT in governance and public service delivery and automate the process involved in accessing public services at both national and local government offices Delivering
Integrate database of DVLA, the Police, and insurance companies in order to reduce time and cost of acquiring relevant documents and permits Delivering
In collaboration with the private sector, build modern ferry ports at Buipe, Yapei, Yeji, Makango, Kwadwokurom, Kete-Krachi, Adowso, Ekyeamanfrom, Akateng, and Boso Delivering
Implement the National Asset Protection Project (NAPP) Delivering
Fully implement section 103 of the National Pensions Act 2008 on the assignment of pension benefits for housing of workers Delivering
Facilitate the development of an active mortgage market to expand mortgage loans to Ghanaians Delivering
Facilitate the construction of low and mid-income housing over the short, medium, and long term Delivering
Extend Eastern Rail Line to create the Accra-Kumasi-Paga rail connections Delivering
Expand and modernize Tema Port Delivering
Expand and modernize Takoradi Port Delivering
Establish National Hydrology Authority as a long-term solution to develop solutions to flooding Delivering
Establish and register residents under the National Identification Scheme Delivering
Embark on nationwide road sign and road marking placements Delivering
Develop world-standard ICT Incubator Hubs Delivering
Develop financing schemes to assist home buyers to acquire units Delivering
Construct storm drains in Accra and other cities and towns to deal with the recurrent, devastating floods Delivering
Construct new harbors at Jamestown in Accra and in Keta Delivering
Construct by-passes and interchanges at Point 7 Tamale, Tema Motorway Roundabout, Suame Roundabout and Oforikrom Intersection in Kumasi, and the PTC Roundabout in Takoradi Delivering
Construct by-passes and interchanges at major intersections Delivering
Clear backlog of road maintenance works Delivering
Build Tema-Akosombo Rail Link Delivering
Review baggage handling arrangements for domestic airlines Pending
Pass legislation for at least 20% of road contracts awarded to foreign contractors to be sub-contracted to local contractors Pending
Increase the number of ferries on the Volta River in collaboration with the private sector Pending
In collaboration with the private sector, develop an inland port at Buipe Pending
Implement policy requiring new PPP affordable housing units to install solar panels and water-harvesting technologies Pending
Establish serviced land banks for PPP affordable housing units Pending
Develop an integrated Light Rail Transit System for our major cities Pending
Construct lay-bys and dedicated traffic lanes for high-occupancy buses Pending
Collaborate with the private sector to expand the Takoradi Harbour to Sekondi, including the development of a logistics centre in Sekondi Pending
Build new entry points in major cities like Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, and Tamale Pending