Manifesto Promises - Health

Promise Status
Strengthen the National Ambulance Service Delivered
Restore Trainee Nurses' training allowances Delivered
Provide free Specialist Post-Graduate training Delivered
Establish the Office Of The Special Prosecutor Delivered
Ensure the passage of the Right to Information bill Delivered
Upgrade all existing district hospitals where they exist, and where they do not , establish one Delivering
Restart the People's Assemblies Delivering
Resource Auditor General's Office to set up a Procurement Audit Unit to conduct Value-For-Money audits Delivering
Rescue, Restructure, and Increase Budgetary Allocation to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Delivering
Request Parliament to amend the law to provide for public disclosure of asset declarations Delivering
Reform the regulatory and institutional framework for anti-corruption Delivering
Publish and enforce a Code of Conduct for public officials to give effect to Article 284 of the Constitution Delivering
Pass Legislative Instrument for the implementation of the Mental Health Act Delivering
Implement national epidemic response system Delivering
Expand and equip medical schools to train more medical doctors Delivering
Establish Centers for Cancers and cover the cost under NHIS Delivering
Establish a world class research and laboratory center with a responsive national laboratory system Delivering
Establish a Transaction Price Database to track typical project costs Delivering
Ensure strict enforcement of the Public Procurement Act Delivering
Collaborate with the private sector to establish wellness clinics Delivering
Work with the private sector to establish trauma centers within hospitals along the main highways Pending
Use policy and incentives to encourage private sector investments in the development of healthcare facilities Pending
Sponsor website for reporting corrupt practices in accordance with the Whistle Blower's Act Pending
Set time limits within which an appointing authority must fill a vacancy at a watchdog institution Pending
Restore tax reliefs to healthcare workers to purchase vehicles abolished by the NDC Pending
Require the Attorney General to report to Parliament annually on the potential liability of the State arising out of claims against the State Pending
Establish an automatic mechanism for transfer of statutory funds to designated agencies Pending
Establish a national bioequivalence laboratory Pending
Build an Accident and Emergency Centre in Takoradi Pending
Amend the Law to require the Auditor General to publish the list of Chapter 24 appointees in default of declaring their assets Pending
Amend the Law to provide for sanctions, including forfeiture of appointment for defaulting Chapter 24 appointees in declaring their assets Pending
Amend health laws to speed up decentralization Pending
Amend Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 20), in particular sections 3, 151, & 239-257 to make corruption a felony Pending
A commitment that the President shall, within 14 days, forward a list of appointments made in pursuant of Chapter 24 of the Constitution, to the Auditor General Pending