Manifesto Promises - Employment

Promise Status
Undertake a national audit of skills and competencies in a bid to align training opportunities and resources to respond to national and local human resource demands Delivered
Restore Trainee Teacher training allowance Delivered
Restore book and research allowances for lecturers Delivered
Restore allowances paid to Arabic/Islamic instructors under the national volunteer service programme Delivered
Redefine basic education from Kindergarten to include SHS, covering vocational, agricultural and technical schools Delivered
Introduce History of Ghana as a subject for primary schools Delivered
Integrate school sports as part of school activities Delivered
Increase amount of loans under the Student Loan Scheme Delivered
Implement the "Free SHS" Policy (on a Universal Basis) Delivered
Ensure proper decentralization of teacher recruitment and management Delivered
Encourage the Colleges of Education to update their curricula to ensure they produce graduates that would teach the well-equipped and critical thinking population we need to move the country forward Delivered
Develop an online educational platform to host, stream, and share short videos of mini-lectures to classrooms or offices around the country Delivered
Abolish the payment of utility bills by students Delivered
Wherever possible, provide facilities to enable disabled children to be integrated within regular schools Delivering
Strengthen the participation of Missions in Mission-founded schools Delivering
Strengthen and equip the Inspectorate Board, as an independent body, to enable it carry out its inspection mandate Delivering
Reactivate the original aim of linking Technical/Vocational Institutions to Technical Universities to refocus technical education at the forefront of the One District, One Factory programme Delivering
Provide effective and professional guidance and counseling services to pupils Delivering
Provide appropriate and adequate infrastructure and learning facilities to accommodate expansion and ensure conducive teaching, learning, and research in tertiary institutions Delivering
Popularize the teaching of French and improve the delivery of the subject Delivering
Leverage technology to popularize the teaching of mathematics and science Delivering
Introduce programming at the Junior and Senior High schools Delivering
Introduce Arabic as an optional language to be taught and examined at the JHS and SHS levels Delivering
Improve ICT facilities and curriculum of ICT Delivering
Establish fund for research and innovation Delivering
Establish a manufacturing plant at KNUST Delivering
Ensure that Kindergarten places are available for all four-year old children in the country Delivering
Ensure that all teachers have ICT competence Delivering
Ensure teachers who upgrade their qualifications and skills are promoted promptly and their salary increases take immediate effect Delivering
Collaborate with the private sector to provide WiFi coverage to senior secondary schools and tertiary institutions Delivering
Collaborate with GNAT, NAGRAT etc to facilitate an affordable housing scheme for teachers Delivering
Establish a Consultative Council of Researchers to fund commercialisation of academic research Pending
Build 2 state-of-the-art technical and vocational institutions per region Pending