Manifesto Promises - Education

Promise Status
Shift the focus of economic management from taxation to production Delivered
Restore overall macroeconomic stability Delivered
Reduce VAT for micro and small enterprises from 17.5% to 3% Flat Rate Delivered
Reduce the rate of government borrowing Delivered
Reduce interest rates to spur private sector investment Delivered
Offer tax incentives to young entrepreneurs to encourage them to initiate start-ups Delivered
Free SHS Delivered
Fix the basics of the government machinery and make it work (e.g. acquiring driving licenses, acquiring passports, registering businesses, processing pension payments etc) Delivered
Establish a Fiscal Council Delivered
Establish a Financial Stability Council Delivered
Enact a Fiscal Responsibility Law Delivered
Banking the Unbanked/Financial Inclusion Delivered
Abolish the 5% VAT on Real Estate Sales Delivered
Abolish the 17.5% VAT on domestic airline tickets Delivered
Abolish Special Import Levy Delivered
Abolish 17.5% VAT on imported medicines not produced in the country Delivered
Abolish 17.5% VAT on Financial Services Delivered
Revenue generation measures through broadening the tax base, increasing tax compliance, reducing government expenditure, increased flows from oil & gas resources, elimination of procurement-related corruption, and plugging of revenue leakages Delivering
Remove import duties on raw materials and machinery for production within the context of ECOWAS Common External Tariff Protocol Delivering
Introduce tax credits and other incentives for businesses that hire young graduates from tertiary institutions Delivering
Formalise the Economy (through the National Identification System & Linking it to other databases e.g. GRA, NHIS, DVLA etc) Delivering
Financial Sector Reform - III (Reinforcing Section 40 of Bank of Ghana Act, 2002) to stabilise the ratio between the currency in circulation and foreign exchange cover Delivering
Financial Sector Reform - II (Financial Inclusion Activities, including electronic payments) Delivering
Financial Sector Reform - I (Deepening Financial Markets, including Mortgage Banking & reactivating the IFSC) Delivering
Build an economy which will create jobs and prosperity for all Ghanaians: "An Agenda For Jobs" Delivering
Review withholding taxes imposed on various sectors Pending
Reduce tariffs on the use of data for internet access Pending
Reduce Corporate Tax rate from 25% to 20% Pending
Provide tax incentives for the importation of quarry equipment Pending
Increase infrastructure expenditure as a percentage of GDP Pending
Achieve double-digit growth annually Pending