Manifesto Promises - Governance, Corruption & Public Accountability

Promise Status
Establish a Youth Enterprise Fund that will provide start up fund for young entrepreneurs Delivered
Implement a women-in-sports program to support female athletes and unearth talents Delivering
Establish three sports colleges in collaboration with the private sector Delivering
Enact a comprehensive Sports Bill Delivering
Develop stadia in regions without one Delivering
Develop, in partnership with the private sector, Youth Development and Sports Centres in all regions Delivering
Develop industrial parks in all regions to target young Ghanaians Delivering
Develop a Youth-In-Sports module to support young sportsmen and women Delivering
Develop and promote sporting disciplines other than football Delivering
Create Sports Fund to support financing of sports Delivering
Complete the construction of the University of Ghana Stadium Delivering
Set up a Youth Development Authority to harmonize all youth initiatives Pending
Institute a buy-local policy for government agencies with regards to ICT to ensure that applications and software are procured from local ICT firms Pending
Award scholarship to promising young athletes Pending