Manifesto Promises - Youth and Sports

Promise Status
Restructure MASLOC to provide credit for SMEs instead of using it for political patronage Delivered
Restructure Ghana Export Promotion Authority to enhance export diversification Delivered
Re-orient energy tariff policy to reduce the burden on businesses Delivered
Reform and benchmark port clearing systems to make them efficient to support import and export trade Delivered
Reduce Import Duties at the ports Delivered
Reduce Fees and charges at the ports Delivered
Launch National Plan for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to support start-up and young businesses Delivered
Facilitate the early placement of trained nurses, public health personnel, and teachers denied employment by the NDC Delivered
Develop and implement a comprehensive, project-based export diversification action plan Delivered
Develop a database of the labour market with a view to establishing a National Apprentice Recruitment Agency Delivered
Create an information portal and set up a task force to assist artisans in showcasing their work Delivered
Support the establishment of recycling and reprocessing companies to manage industrial waste as raw materials for other industries Delivering
Support the development of existing and new industrial clusters and manufacturing enclaves Delivering
Strengthen the operations of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) (As part of Consumer Protection improvement) Delivering
"Strategic Anchor Initiatives": Government will partner private local and foreign investors to develop large scale strategic anchor industries to serve as growth poles for the economy Delivering
Restructure Customs Division of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to optimise operational efficiency Delivering
Refocus the operation of public research institutions to provide R&D for selected strategic industries Delivering
Refocus the National Investment Bank to provide finance for the industrial sector Delivering
Realign the focus of Ghana Investment Promotion Center to attract investments into selected strategic industries Delivering
Merge National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) and Rural Enterprises Project (REP) to consolidate public resources Delivering
In collaboration with the private sector, implement the "One District, One Factory" initiative: (Establishment of at least one medium to large scale factory or enterprise in each District.) Delivering
Implement Policy to Reduce Cost of doing business Delivering
Facilitate development of commercial zones in proximate international boundaries to explore joint industries with neighbours Delivering
Facilitate dedicated lands for development of industrial parks and enclaves as well as enterprise free zones Delivering
Establish the National Recruitment Agency as primary source for channeling job openings to Ghanaians Delivering
Establish apprenticeship and skills development centres to train skilled labour force for specific industrial sectors Delivering
Encourage FDIs into Labour-Intensive sectors Delivering
Develop National Industrial Sub-Contracting Exchange to link SMEs with large scale enterprises Delivering
Develop modern markets and retail infrastructure in every district Delivering
Develop and implement in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, a programme of action for the production and supply of quality agricultural raw materials for industry Delivering
Develop a database of trained apprentices and artisans in collaboration with trade unions Delivering
Provide incentives for the establishment of R&D labs by the private sector Pending
Pass legislation to require at least 70% of all Government of Ghana taxpayer-financed contracts and procurements be executed by local corporate entities Pending
Introduce policy requiring that 30% of the required 70% of GoG financed projects executed by local corporate entities to be sourced from women, youth, PLWD- owned businesses etc Pending
Facilitate the passage of the Consumer Protection Law Pending
Facilitate the establishment of credit lines for the building and construction industry to acquire equipment Pending
Establish an Industrial Development Fund to finance critical private sector industrial initiatives Pending
Ensure strict compliance with existing legislation and regulations on retail trade Pending