Manifesto Promises - Trade and Industry

Promise Status
Work with District Assemblies to exempt Kayayei from market tolls Delivered
Undertake comprehensive review of SSNIT's investments and costs to ensure financial sustainability Delivered
Set aside 50% of MASLOC funds for female applicants Delivered
Require caterers of the School Feeding Programme to use foodstuff from local farmers Delivered
Properly staff and resource the National Council on Persons Living With Disability (PLWD) Delivered
Pay all outstanding contributions to Pension Funds, including Tier 2 Funds, for Public Sector Workers Delivered
Introduce a District Integrated Social Services Programme to consolidate social services Delivered
Institute a Pension for members of small scale business associations as well as artisans across the country Delivered
Implement the 3% increase in Common Fund disbursements to Persons Living With Disability (PLWD) Delivered
Refocus LEAP Programme using effective means-testing, regular monthly disbursements, and targeting female-headed households Delivering
Institute a Pension Scheme for Cash Crop Farmers Delivering
Implement equal employment opportunity for Persons Living With Disability (PLWD) Delivering
Decentralize the National Council on Persons Living With Disability (PLWD) Delivering
Appointment of women to at least 30% of available public office positions Delivering
Reintroduce and enforce 30% of poverty alleviation/credit funds of MMDAs to service womens' enterprises Pending
Reduce administrative cost and improve monitoring processes of the Ghana School Feeding Programme Pending
Provide the aged with a Freedom Pass for public transportation Pending
Pass appropriate Legislative Instrument for the implementation of the Disability Act Pending
Enforce Section 18 of the Disability Act which provides for free education for Persons Living With Disability (PLWD) Pending
Amend Disability Act to bring it in line with the UN convention on disability Pending