Manifesto Promises - Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts

Promise Status
Protect military lands from encroachment Delivered
Introduce robust anti-narcotic drug and anti-organized crime policy with severe sanctions and penalties Delivered
Expand and resource Marine Police to work with the Navy to protect our offshore oil and gas installations Delivered
Ensure security personnel on UN Peacekeeping Missions are paid at their duty posts Delivered
Enhance Police's cybersecurity and cybercrime fighting capabilities Delivered
Adjust upwards the allowances of security personnel on UN Peacekeeping Missions Delivered
Upgrade the narcotic and illicit drug detection capabilities Delivering
Upgrade equipment of armed service personnel (police, army, prisons, fire service, and immigration services) Delivering
Restructure police recruitment to avoid fraud and cronyism Delivering
Resource police with modern communication and policing equipment Delivering
Rehabilitate and Upgrade the living conditions/quarters of the security services under the "National Barracks Regeneration Programme" Delivering
Recruit additional police officers/target meeting the UN ratio of 1:500 police to civilians Delivering
Provide each District with a Fire Station where none exists Delivering
Improve the training capabilities of armed services personnel (police, army, prisons, fire service, and immigration services) Delivering
Improve accommodation of armed services personnel Delivering
Curb proliferation of small weapons, including incorporating the protocol on small arms and light weapons into our domestic law Delivering
Enact legislation to reform our prisons Pending
Decongest prisons and separate remand prisoners from convicted prisoners Pending
Construct new military hospital in Tamale Pending
Complete Third Phase of 37 Military Hospital as well as upgrade its equipment Pending
Build two Prison Service hospitals: one in the southern sector and the other in the northern sector Pending
Build two new police training schools and rehabilitate police training institutions, including Command College in Winneba Pending
Build two new police hospitals in Sunyani and Bolgatanga Pending