Manifesto Promises - Pensions and Social Protection

Promise Status
Facilitate the revival of Anglogold Ashanti Obuasi mines and other mines Delivered
Target 30,000 ha of degraded areas for reforestation and plantation development annually Delivering
Support the protection of the remaining network of natural forest and biodiversity hotspots Delivering
Support the enhancement of the ecotourism industry Delivering
Restructure & Regulate small-scale mining sub-sector and artisans so that activities can take place within guidelines set up under the appropriate regulations Delivering
Promote mining value-addition through the processing of minerals Delivering
Mainstream strategic mineral feedstock into the domestic economy to support economic value addition Delivering
Increase transparency in the allocation of mineral rights and the utilisation of mineral revenues Delivering
Fully decentralize Lands Commission and land services to the district level Delivering
Extend Forestry conservation areas Delivering
Establish tree plantain suckers in a minimum of 800 communities as part of reforestation efffort Delivering
Establish 1000 ha of bamboo and rattan plantations annually Delivering
Decentralize the Minerals Commission by establishing additional district offices of the Commission Delivering
Clean Rivers Programme: Replant trees along the banks of all major water bodies and their tributaries Delivering
Turn the Lands Commission into a true digital organization to reduce the need for clerical and administration interventions Pending
Re-survey and demarcate forests with permanent concrete pillars Pending
Reduce turnaround time of land registration to 30 days Pending
Launch apiculture forest conservation programme by making bee-hives available to forest fringe communities Pending
Enact a consolidated mineral revenue management law similar to the Petroleum Revenue Management Act, 2011 (Act 815) Pending